Butcher Black post by Amithy C.

Butcher Black post by Amithy C.

Faux Butcher Block Anyone?? I'm in love.

The Before picture is how the kitchen looked before we moved in. It was a black formica. ***Please excuse the lighting. We have some crystal patterned bulbs and it give off pretty but weird light lol***

I used a Bleached Wood/ Dark Wood/ Carbon grey Stain Kit that I bought from Retique It online. I cleaned the surface with denatured alcohol and then lightly sanded. Cleaned off all sanding dust. Painted 2 coats of bleached wood as the base layer. Use long even strokes and paint in one direction. Make sure it's dry before putting on another coat. I then put on a layer of Dark Wood and grained that with the graining tool provided in the kit. And then I made sure that was completely dry before applying my carbon grey Stain. I'm currently in the process of sealing with Fiddes hard wax oil sealer purchased on Retique it online as well.

I really think when people have problems with thier pieces they didn't prep correctly but mostly they didn't let each and every layer dry completely. That is SOOOO important. Don't rush it. 😊😊

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