Flooring: Dark over Golden Pine with Briarsmoke and Golden Oak Wood Stain.

Dark over Light with Java Stain

by Jayme M. (8/8/19)
I'm not usually one to write reviews, but this was an adventure worth raving about. We learned about Retique It when we were searching for unique ways to finish our concrete floor on our entire main level. After having water damaged wood laminate flooring, we wanted a waterproof wood look that we could do ourselves without breaking the bank. While inexpensive, it was definitely tedious to do over a 1000 sq ft of concrete, but well worth the time and effort. We used 2 coats of the Golden Pine, lined fake boards with a sharpie, and then used the Dark Wood with a graining tool. We stained it using a combination of Briarsmoke with Golden Oak to highlight, and then topped it with 2 coats of polyurethane. We love it, and can't wait to put furniture back in the room once the trim is finished. Thank you, Retique It! Update: added a 3rd coat of polyurethane and will add a 4th coat asap.

Retique It -> Thank you for the incredible pictures and detailed review. We would love to know what sealer you used to protect it. (Which brand)

Jayme M. -> I went with Minwax floor polyurethane in satin, but it did have some inconsistency in the sheen/gloss between cans. Not sure if it was a misprint on one of the cans. I wish I would have done Varathane to match the stain I used, but my local Lowes didnt sell it.

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