Introducing Liquid Wood

Put a fresh coat of wood on it with Retique It® Liquid Wood! Looks and feels like real wood because it IS real wood. Works on virtually any hard surface.

Bleached Wood

Fresh new looks with Bleached Wood Retique It®. Bleached Wood allows the stain to come out true to color. It also gives great new looks never seen before.

Using the Graining Tool

Without the graining tool you get a smooth contemporary finish. Use the graining tool to get a defined grained finish. Using a graining tool is easy and fun

Liquid Wood over Painted Surfaces

Retique It® liquid wood works right over paint without the need to sand or strip off the old surface. Just paint, stain & seal for a genuine wood surface right over the previously painted surface!

Retique It® Polyacrylic

Introducing Retique It Polyacrylic. It's waterbased, low-oder, drys fast and won't even yellow your whitest whites.