Retique It® Mud Filler

Retique It®

Retique It® Mud Filler

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Retique It® Mud Filler is a water-based wood filler designed to be a excellent option for filling in chips, divots, deep scratches, missing veneer, flooring and resurfacing wood grain. Mud Filler is a great option for leveling out the existing surface and creates a brand new smooth surface thus allowing you to paint or create your own new grain with our Retique It® liquid wood products.


  1. Clean surface - use equal parts denatured alcohol and water.
  2. Stir Well: Spread over surface evenly with a putty knife or squeegee.
  3. Allow to dry overnight or up to 24 hours depending on humidity.
  4. Sand surface until smooth and even. NOTE: A second application might be necessary for deep gouges.
  5. Apply any water-based paint, stain or Retique It® liquid wood over surface as needed.
  6. Once you have completed your look. Seal the surface with a good poly.
  7. Clean up with soap and water.
  8. Keep objects off the finish until fully cured... (3-10 days depending on humidity)

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