Liquid Wood Kit - Briarsmoke Oil-based Stain
Liquid Wood Kit - Briarsmoke Oil-based Stain
Liquid Wood Kit - Briarsmoke Oil-based Stain
Liquid Wood Kit - Briarsmoke Oil-based Stain
Liquid Wood Kit - Briarsmoke Oil-based Stain
Liquid Wood Kit - Briarsmoke Oil-based Stain

Retique It®

Liquid Wood Kit - Briarsmoke Oil-based Stain

Sale price$39.99
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Traditional Cherry
Weathered Gray
Carbon Gray
Dark Walnut
Golden Oak
Black Cherry
Antique White
Size (Coverage):Regular (50 sq ft)


Patented, revolutionary

Liquid Wood Coating

  • Looks & feels like wood - This is genuine liquid wood, not a faux finish therefore is looks like wood, feeels like wood because it IS wood
  • Stainable and sustainable™ - Contains 65% recycled wood fibers
  • Easy to use - Just paint it, stain it and seal it (See below)
  • Safe to use - Water based, low VOC and low odar
  • Easy clean up - Just use soap and water
  • Wood finish anywhere - Now you can put a wood finish over painted, stained, MDF, metal, virtually any hard surface
Step 1 - Prep the Surface

  • Pour 1-part denatured alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) and 1-part water into a spray bottle or bowl.  Wipe surface down with mixture.

Step 2 - Paint It

  • Apply one coat of Retique It® Light Wood as your base coat.
  • Make your final strokes long and even. (Stay consistent with the direction you want the grain)

Step 3 - Grain It (Optional)

For Weathered and Rustic finishes only

If you ordered a Brushed Finish Kit, then you can skip this step. A graining tool is not included in the Brushed Finish Kit.

The graining tool is used to get a pronounced grain.

NOTE: If you received 2 liquid wood shades in a kit, then the smaller container of liquid wood should be used as the graining coat.

Step 4 - Stain It

With Retique It® Water-based Gel Stain

  • Put on protective gloves (Optional)
  • Thoroughly stir your stain.

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Size Options

Which Size Do You Need?

1/2 Pint

½ Pint 8oz 25 sq ft
  • Large table top
  • Large furniture top
  • Small night stand
  • Average furniture top


Pint 16oz 50 sq ft
  • Large dresser
  • Table with 2 chairs
  • Tall armoire
  • Large peice of furniture


Qt 32oz 100 sq ft
  • Small kitchen cabinets
  • 2 peices of furniture
  • Table with 6 chairs
  • Small accent wall

4x Gallon

Gallon 400 sq ft
  • Large kitchen cabinets
  • Floor for a med sized room
  • Large accent wall
  • Three Car Garage Door

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